" For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys ry (SRK)

Local rauhanyhdistys organizations

Conservative Laestadians have been operating through rauhanyhdistys organizations since the 1880s. The first local organizations were established in Helsinki, Turku and Tornio in 1888. The name rauhanyhdistys (‘association of peace’) refers to the peace of conscience in a Christian’s heart.

There are currently 173 rauhanyhdistys organizations in Finland. They have called about 900 lay preachers 100 ordained ministers to serve as speakers. The rauhanyhdistys organizations of Oulu, Helsinki and Jyväskylä have the largest membership.

The most important activities of rauhanyhdistys organizations consist of services, Sunday school, Day circle and Bible class. The program of these consists of reading and explaining the Bible, prayers and songs of Zion and hymns. All events are open to all people.

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys (SRK) is an umbrella organization that supports the local organizations, does mission work, arranges camps and publishes papers, books and audio products.

Contact data for the rauhanyhdistys organizations operating in Finland.