" For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys ry (SRK)


This website describes the activities of SRK (the central organization of Conservative Laestadians in Finland) and the local rauhanyhdistys organizations. It also explains about the instruction, faith and lifestyle of Conservative Laestadians. The website contains audio links to services and shows where you can find the services closest to your home that you can attend. Services are public events open to all. 

Summer Services 2023

How we believe

The instruction of Conservative Laestadians is based on the Bible and the confessional books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The Bible is the highest guiding authority for faith and life. Read more…


People of all ages gather at services to hear God’s word. Services are public events, and everybody is welcome to come and listen. You can also listen to services through audio links available on our website. Read more…

SRK and the local rauhanyhdistys [“RY”] organizations

arrange services and other events in their own premises as well as in homes, churches, parish halls and residential institutions. Read more…


Books and audio recordings bring the message of God’s kingdom to readers and listeners. The proceeds from SRK’s publication sales are used for mission and camp work. The publications are consistent with the Bible and the Evangelical Lutheran faith, confession and doctrine. 

SRK’s online store

You can buy books and recorded music published by SRK from their online store. There is a selection of items for readers and listeners of all ages. Read more…


Päivämies, the Conservative Laestadian weekly newspaper is published in print and digital format. Online Päivämies features topical articles and blogs. Click here to access online Päivämies. Read more…