" For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys ry (SRK)


Annual meeting

SRK’s annual meeting takes place in the Summer Services. One of its main tasks is to approve the annual report and the financial statement for the previous year as well as the operating plan and the budget for the coming year. The annual meeting also elects the board and the publications committee members for the following term of office as well as appoints the auditors. The annual meeting documents are mailed to the member organizations in May.

Board and working committee

SRK’s board consists of 24 members, each elected for a term of four years. Six of the board members have a turn to resign each year. The board normally meets seven times a year. One of these meetings is a camp for the board members and their spouses in one of SRK’s camp facilities. The board elects a chair and two vice chair each year. The board also elects for each year a working committee that consists of the board chair and vice chairs as well as three regular and three deputy members. The working committee reports to the board. It takes care of the practical matters of the organization as authorized by board and prepares the board meetings. The working committee usually meets once a month. The agenda for the working committee is prepared by the executive committee of the office in cooperation with the chair. The executive secretary and the heads of the units of the office present the matters for discussion in the working committee meetings. The executive secretary serves as the secretary of the meeting.

Publications committee

The publications committee consists of eight members elected by the annual meeting based on a proposal by the board for a term of four years. Two members have a turn to resign each year. The publications committee meets 15-20 times a year. The publications manager serves as the secretary of the meetings. The publications committee supervises the quality of SRK’s publications. It discusses all manuscripts and approves them for publication. The committee also outlines the annual plan for the papers and comments on individual articles as necessary.

Approval of the content of audio products has been delegated to a music committee of eight members. The composition of the music committee is approved by the working committee based on a proposal by the publications committee. Four of the members have a turn to resign every second year. The music committee meets 6-9 times a year. The expert of music and marketing serves as the secretary of their meetings.

Speakers’ meetings

SRK invites all speakers of rauhanyhdistys organizations to a general meeting twice a year. The traditional speakers’ and elders’ meeting is held during the Summer Services. This meeting is also attended by the elders appointed by the congregations. The other meeting, only attended by speakers, is arranged at the end of December, usually at Oulu rauhanyhdistys. The board decides about the topics of the presentations, invites the presenters and approves of the contents of the presentations beforehand.