" For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys ry (SRK)

Family and deaconal work

The family and deaconal work done by rauhanyhdistys organizations is work of the gospel that aims to support the wellbeing of homes and families and to prevent the occurrence of excessively challenging situations in family life. The main purpose is to support families to believe, hope and love in the midst of everyday life.

SRK supports the work done by local organization by producing material and arranging education and couples’ camps. Families with special difficulties are also supported by arranging peer experience courses at the Opistos and by publishing articles and books that support everyday life at home.

Resource bank

The resource bank recruita people willing to do voluntary work for SRK and rauhanyhdistys organizations. 

They provide short-term help, such as child care, visits with seniors, and workers for various tasks within the local rauhanyhdistys. People interested in serving as big sisters or brothers at confirmation camps can also sign up through the resource bank.

The work is done on a voluntary basis. A fee is paid for some tasks (child care, confirmation camps). For more information about the resource bank, visit resurssipankki.fi.

Help to believe, hope and love in the midst of everyday life 

The family and deaconal work of our Christianity is work of the gospel based on God’s word. The advice and instructions of the Bible make a solid foundation for home life. The gospel gives strength in everyday life.

Responsibility for our neighbours

The family and deaconal work is done in the spirit of the dual commandment of love. The most important thing is awareness of our personal responsibility for our neighbours. All people need support in their lives. Everybody should have someone to share the joys and sorrows of daily life.

Discussion meetings     

Rauhanyhdistys organizations arrange meetings to discuss openly the difficult matters of life. Such discussions can also be arranged in small groups. God’s word serves to protect life and helps to create a safe and positive atmosphere for such discussions.

Help and support for everyday life     

The family and deaconal committees of rauhanyhdistys organizations provide help and support in practical matters to a feasible extent. Some examples of this include baking and food gifts to families with a baby, discussion help, temporary child care and family sponsorship as well as serving as company for physical exercise or a substitute grandmother or -father. Elderly people are provided rides to services and seniors’ club meetings.

Family circle     

Family circle provides daytime opportunities for social interaction to small children and their parents. The meetings of family circle may include a discussion of a topic pertaining to faith and life, free socializing and a shared meal.

SRK supports family and deaconal work

SRK supports the local rauhanyhdistys organizations in the provision of family and deaconal work, recruits staff for regional events, surveys for needs, arranges education and produces material.

Couples’ camps support families’ wellbeing. Couples with different life situations meet to enjoy recreation around God’s word. These camps provide ample opportunities for open discussion of matters related to marriage and child rearing. SRK arranges an annual opportunity for discussion and education to the leaders of couples’ camps and their spouses.

The needs of families are given special attention in the planning of publications. Articles supporting everyday home life are regularly published in Päivämies. SRK also provides supporting material to the people and local organizations involved in family and deaconal work.