" For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys ry (SRK)

Summertime Service Broadcasts

The SRK provides a live broadcast on the summer service radio. During the intermission between sermons, the radio broadcast will feature other programming and provide more information about Conservative Laestadianism plus interviews and news about these summer services. The summer service radio is an important information channel as it provides the latest info and announcements about how well the services are serving their purpose.

An important part of the broadcast stream are the timely updates, relaying what all is happening on the service site and recaps of meetings and media sessions held during the services.

During the night hours, the radio airs recordings of song productions by the SRK.

The summer service radio is broadcast over almost the whole Republic of Finland for about a whole month. The broadcast begins from Suviseurat and continues to air summer services from each of the three folk schools called opistos, in Reisjärvi, Jämsä and Ranua. On weekdays, there will be pre-recorded evening devotions and other programming.